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basic pistol

This class is for someone that has little to no experience with firearms. We cover the basics of pistols including parts of a pistol, different actions, different types of ammunition, fundamentals of gun handling, safety and marksmanship. This class is one day and is a combination of classroom and range time. 

1 day        $115


Fundamentals and Home Defense

This class is a 1 and ½ day class. There will be one full day of classroom instruction.  This includes developing a personal and home protection plan, self defense fundamentals, fundamentals of firearms and safety, ammunition types, situational awareness, use of lethal force and the aftermath, what to say and do after a deadly force encounter, gear and gadgets, and different types of drills that you can do on your own. Range time is ½ day which enables you to practice the fundamentals that you learn in the classroom and put them to use with live fire drills. 

1 and ½ days        $150


Private Training

We offer private training by appointment. If you are having a specific problem, it can often be solved by one on one range time.  Many times, the solution to an issue you are having can be identified by having someone else simply watch you and make a few corrections or offer some new ideas. Please contact us to set up a time to have your private one on one consultation.