Love2Shoot Firearms instruction

Love2Shoot classes are designed to build your skills and bolster your confidence in a pressure free and safe environment.

Are you interested in basic firearms safety and operation, personal defense, sport shooting, target shooting or just have a curiosity about firearms? If so, we can help. Our focus is on women’s training and getting women comfortable with firearms.  We also offer co-ed classes!  If you are someone who’s never held a firearm or someone who just needs to brush up on your skills or learn more about concealed carry, we can help you.


We offer group classes for women and men taught by a woman instructor!  Ladies, if you’ve ever felt intimidated to be around firearms or take a class, then come take one from someone who speaks your language in a fun and relaxed environment.  Guys, we aren’t leaving you out either!  We offer many co-ed classes and have trained many men also.  You can sign up for one of our regularly scheduled classes or get a group of your friends together to schedule a class and enjoy some “friend time”.  Call or email to set up a time for you or your group. Be prepared to learn new skills in a safe and friendly environment and have some fun along the way!

what They’re Saying

Student Testimonials


Kathy is an excellent instructor and I look forward to taking another class in the future!



From first time gun owner to expert this class will benefit everyone!!



Great class….great people….Get signed up now. You won’t be disappointed!



It was an awesome class!




I’m so very grateful to have taken Kathy’s classes .. which took me to really stepping out of my comfort zone to do the Steel Challenge with the Bitterroot Blasters. I encourage everyone to take any one of her classes. My husband took her class too, someone who never shot a gun and if you could look at him now. Always aim to do better!



Kathy, you got me out of my comfort zone and I gained confidence in all areas of my life due to this training! Seriously, thank you!



So glad I took the class from Kathy last year. A lot of valuable information!




Loved this class so much! Great info, amazing one on one instructions. Signed up for another with Kathy!




Kathy is a great trainer both in the classroom and on the range! We liked her so much we already have a private lesson scheduled on the range!



Best class and instructor!






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